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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sungai Klang Graffiti Blue-washed and..... (part two and final)

and it was launch by the Mayor.
Its great to see lots of graffiti writer and some street artist, i was like "oh, it was him/her/them who do that", kinda like profiling them by knowing who they are and what they are painting on the river bank.... im sure the City Council did the same... put this kids in their profile.... "we'll be watching you kids"!

Still i enjoy the day... with a friend, our bikes, pack of cigarette, meeting some old friends from far as they busy painting(plus the stupid noise of some rnb song play on the event) and of coz the rain and the lack of beer <---regret this the most.

Seeing these writer painting and the people of city council and the police were watching.... its like watching Darth Vader and Yoda walk hand in hand in Star wars, its weird.
Im not really positive with the event organize by National Art Gallery and Kuala Lumpur City Council, but in support of public art (its on public space).... well done to those who take part... also well done to those who made profit out of it.... ;)

*as the title would suggest, i wont be there tomorrow

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