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Friday, December 28, 2007

New Year, New Toll Rate.....So ride your bike!

Went to Penang Island few weeks ago. Try to look for my old stencils but since i did that years ago, i forgot where the place is..... im lost in my quest to look for my old stencils. But i found something new.... a few stencils about toll rate that was raised to 10%. I forgot when it was raised but damn positive that it will go up again!..... things like this my friend will keep going up instead of going down..... unless you 'demand' it to go down.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Art of Pissing

The picture of me pissing at that wall was taken on 2nd of January 2003. It appeared in [I didn’t start this blog yet] and lots of comments and thought swarm out from it. Some like it, and of course there will some who hate it. Either way I satisfied for the reaction that I created inside each people who seen the picture. And yesterday I found the picture of the kid pissing at the Nike’s wall which really made me had my laugh to the memory of my act pissing at the wall while my two other sisters recorded the act. I’m totally sane that night; I never go out shooting drunk. But in a sudden I came to my height [high] of rationality and soberness that it is rational enough to piss there. To piss at the very same wall where I just spray my stencils. To show that I’m pissed off [angry] and; to pissed at the idea of waiting for it [street art] to be legal. My friend…. It won’t!

Utopia is not something out of grab, not impossible, not real!
I’m ‘living’ in ‘it’…….I keep creating it. I filled it with colors, I pasted it with loves, I tagged it with passion and I piss in it with my urine!

Yucks! Yeah… I’m ‘living’ my Utopia and you can do so too.


Gambar aku kencing kat dinding tu di ambil pada 2 Januari 2003. Ia tersiar di laman [masa tu blog ni takde lagi] dan banyak komen dan buah fikiran yg terkeluar dari gambar tu. Ada yg suka, dan dah tentu la ada yg tak suka. Apa pun aku berpuas hati dengan reaksi yg berjaya aku ciptakan dalam setiap orang yg melihat gambar ini. Dan semalam aku terjumpa gambar budak kencing kat dinding Nike tu yg mana benar2 membuatkan aku tersengih teringatkan memori perlakuan tidak senonoh aku kencing kat dinding tu sambil dua orang adik perempuan aku merakam aksi kencing aku. Serius beb… aku tak mabuk malam tu. Aku tak pernah mabuk setiap kali aku pergi keluar untuk shooting. Aku sangat waras! Entah kenapa di ketika itu aku terasa aku sudah melangkaui kewarasan dan rasionaliti dan berfikir adalah rasional untuk kencing di situ. Untuk kencing di dinding yg baru sahaja aku spray. Aku marah[pissed-off] dan benci dgn idea menunggu seni jalanan ini untuk jadi legal. Kawan-kawan….. itu tak akan berlaku!

Utopia bukan sesuatu di luar jangkauan, bukan mustahil atau bukan realiti!
Aku ‘hidup’ dalam ‘nya’……. Aku cipta ‘ia’. Aku isinya dengan warna, aku hias dengan cinta, aku tanda dengan kasih dan aku kencing di dalamnya dengan air kencing aku yang hancing!

Yukk!!! Ya, Aku 'hidup' dalam Utopia aku dan korang pun boleh juga.

Street Art Jam

me, coolture, borbo, vandarm and g.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Permission to Pass Thru'/Tumpanglalu

From Alor Star, Kedah. Still new in stenciling according to him, but years of cutting the board did'nt indicate much. Nice pieces as it goes "dual" language, Both for local and foreign, for the kids and the rapists.......Did you know where your kids now?

My friend the 'Elf'

It's been nearly a month since i got this pictures, so it is time i put it up on the blog, sorry to everyone that i haven't updated the blog for a while. Despite of my 'kind of' laziness to update the blog, I'm having problem to put a good name for her as she deserve a good one for her ultra great work of stencils plus I'm damn busy lately...... work+work=more work....., hahaha......
She is also a good friend of G, my friend who had go back to his country. So some miracle happen here in Malaysia that we lost G, but here come the 'Elf'. An elf is a creature of Germanic mythology which still survives in northern Europe. The elves were originally a race of minor nature and fertility gods, who are often pictured as youthful-seeming men and women of great beauty living in forests and underground places and caves, or in wells and springs. They have been portrayed to be long-lived or immortal and as beings of magical powers. Hope the name go just nice for her or else, forget bout my gibbering of her name....., just enjoy her works!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Violent from VLT Crew

From sources, i heard that he is now alone. But he still want to used the word 'crew'.
For more works of this guy [or crew], do visit his [they] Flickr.

BTW: the last picture were his collaboration work with Eh?